Understanding Ensure or Insure in English for Insurance

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Understanding Ensure or Insure in English for Insurance – Choosing between ensure or insure in English to connect the word “insurance” is sometimes confusing for so many people. When it comes to insurance, of course the verb “insure” is closer compared to the verb “ensure”. However, two of them seems to have the same meaning and probably can be used as the same as well.

Is this true? Well, first of all, in English both “insure” and “ensure” are correct because they are both legitimate verb that can be used in sentences. However, the meaning of “insure” and “ensure” are very different, not even close from one to another.

Which one is closer to describe “insurance”, though? Below, you will learn more about both “insure” and “ensure” so that you know what they mean and no longer get confused about choosing “ensure” or “insure” in English when it comes to insurance.

1. What “Ensure” Means

Let us begin with “ensure”. In proper English, ensure means making sure of something. It means that when you ensure that something happens, you make it clear and certain that it does happen. It means that the word or verb “ensure” has the same, exact meaning with “make sure”.

However, “make sure” can be used in slightly informal or less formal conversation. Here are some examples: “I tried to ensure that my brother takes his medicine before going to bed.” meaning that you tried to make sure that your brother really took his medicine before going to bed.

The confusion between the usages of “ensure” with “insure” is probably caused by this particular case: In American English, sometimes “ensure” is spelt “insure”. It sounds the same so probably people just do not care. However, please keep it in mind that the meanings between the two are completely different.

Understanding Ensure or Insure in English for Insurance
What’s the Difference Between Insure, Ensure, and Assure? | Photo by: enhancemywriting.com

2. What “Insure” Means

Now let us move on to “insure”. Even though “insure” sounds exactly like “ensure”, the meaning is totally different. The primary meaning of “insure” is already very commercial. It means to provide financial compensation in the event of damage or loss to something, such as cars and property.

It means that if you insure for english something, like cars, house, or even yourself, you will pay money to an insurance company. That way, if you become ill or your house gets damaged or your car gets stolen, the insurance company will pay money for you. Here is an example: “I insure my car because I live in a dangerous area where chaos often happens.”

It is quite clear that the sense of that sentence is that you pay money for insurance company to get car insurance. So, it is clear and safe to say that if you look for the right verb between “ensure” or “insure” to be used in any sentences related to insurance, the right verb is “insure”.

Those are the explanations about the verb “ensure” and “insure”. They are different so that you do not have to get confused anymore when using them. Just remember when choosing between ensure or insure in English to connect the word “insurance”, the correct one is the “insure”.

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  1. Insure Means When You Buy Insurance, Your Money Paid to The Insurance company is “IN SURE” When you are claimed maybe accident, health etc. They will tell you the fine print and clauses Which means “OUT not sure”

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