How to Sell Bitcoins online with Paypal?

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How to Sell Bitcoins online with Paypal? – How to sell Bitcoins online with Paypal? Well, that is a great question because both Bitcoins and Paypal are just great. Bitcoin is a form of digital money that has nothing to do with any bank or the government. It is not controlled by any of them or issued by any of them. That is why the usage of Bitcon is always increasing from time to time.

As for Paypal, it is a very reliable online payment processor and today it is accepted as one of the most common methods of payments when you shop online. Selling Bitcoins online with Paypal is done all across the world.

Since a lot of people find it great to make real money by selling Bitcoins, they do not hesitate to sell Bitcoins online with Paypal. How to do that? Below, you will see the step by step of how to sell Bitcoins online with Paypal.

1. Opening an Exchange Website

Selling Bitcoins with Paypal is actually pretty simple. The first thing that you have to do is opening or visiting an exchange website. There are a lot of websites on the internet to exchange virtual currency, including from Bitcoins to Paypal. Almost in all websites, you will have to have an account and then log in to your account before you can start exchanging or selling the Bitcoins with Paypal.

2. Entering the Amount of Bitcoins to Sell

After you are logged in, the next step to do is entering the amount of Bitcoins that you want to exchange to the Paypal account of yours. At this point, you will have to make sure that the Paypal account that you enter is truly yours and the account is active. If it is not active, make sure the account is activated. Unless the account is activated, it is impossible to receive the money.

How to Sell Bitcoins online with Paypal
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3. Sending the Bitcoins

After entering the amount of Bitcoins that you want to exchange with Paypal, the website that you use for the trading will give you deposit address. Once you receive the deposit address, you will have to send your Bitcoins. Make sure that you send the exact same amount of Bitcoins as you have promised to the website earlier in order to prevent error during the process.

4. Waiting for the Exchange Process to Finish

When the system of the website receives your Bitcoins, usually they will start the exchange process immediately after. The exchange process can last within few hours or take longer time, a day or two, depending on the system. Once it is done, you will be notified and you should check your Paypal account by now because the amount of money you have in there should be increased.

Basically those are the steps that you need to go through when you want to sell or exchange your Bitcoins with Paypal. Considering that both Bitcoins and Paypal can bring you great benefits in term of online purchasing or doing other transactions online, it is a great decision to trade Bitcoins with Paypal. That way, by knowing how to sell Bitcoins online with Paypal, you do not need actual money to do most transactions online.

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