Financial Advisor Definition and Example

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Financial Advisor Definition and Example – Do you have any financial problem? or do you find your financial management is not good enough? Well, the best solution is probably by using the service from a financial advisor. In this modern day, there are such advisors have their agencies to help people personally. Of course, it is much better to look for the information, which the best advisor around is. Here are more things to know about financial advisors.


By concluding some definitions given by the experts, a financial advisor is a professional or an expert that has capabilities to help his or her clients to manage their finance. The ways to help them can be various. The most common thing is by giving advice. However, there are some advisors who also directly go to the field.

The term financial here is also related to many things. There are indeed some clients who have severe financial problems like bankruptcy. However, even if your financial condition is healthy enough, there is nothing wrong to use this service. Particularly, it is when you are confused enough with your future financial planning. In fact, cases like investment, insurance, mortgage, education saving, property, tax, retirement, and many more are sometimes not really understandable for common people.

Financial Advisor Definition and Example
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Some financial advisors are paid regularly for their recommendations. On the other hand, there are also some other advisors who find the commission from the clients’ investment.

Of course, it doesn’t mean that you can just simply be an advisor just because you know much about economy and finance thing. At least, you must have related educational background. Besides, a professional advisor must also be licensed. a good and famous financial advisor is more than just giving advices to the personal clients. Even big companies and business will need this service as well.

Common Services Given by a Financial Advisor

Surely, every advisor must apply his or her own way in helping the clients. But there are some services that are given by most all licensed advisors. First of all, the advisor helps the clients in building and managing the long-term financial planning. Second, he or she gives services regarding the complaints. When the advisors are related to an insurance company, the duties can be more like marketing the products as well as gaining more customers.

Examples of Financial Advisors

It is impossible for sure to mention the financial advisors one by one here. The number is so numerous even the most professional ones are also uncountable. However, you can actually easily find such advisors around you. The common places to find them are in insurance companies and the banks. Particularly if you are a client who want to buy an expensive product or make a loan, the advisor must come to you at first to give you their suggestions.

But of course, there are also many advisors who stand up by themselves. It means that they are working under a certain company. If you want to find suggestions in fairer ways, of course, this kind of advisors must be chosen.

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