Best car insurance in India

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Automotive India: Best Car Insurance in India that You Should Try – Looking for the best car insurance in India? If you are, you should feel so lucky because I have compiled a few car insurance companies that I think are nice.

Let us begin with Liberty Car Insurance

Which is probably one of the best car insurance company out there in India. It is a company that is rated highly by lots of people, and they have a nice set of policy that will certainly put their customer to the forefront. They got things like cashless claim networks all around India, with 615 and more garages connected to them. This means that they got a pretty expansive connection in India, making it easier for you if you want to make a claim. No more travelling half the country to get a claim for that car!

The discount is the other thing that can make this company worthy of a try. Say that you have an anti-theft equipment in your car that is accepted by ARAI (or automotive research association of India). If you have it, you are eligible for a discount. The discount can go up to RS 500.00, which is not a tiny sum of money I assure you.

Last but not least, they got what I would call one of the best customer service practice in India. More often than not you will encounter things like customer services that are not available when a holiday comes. Over here, you would not encounter things like that. Liberty Car got you covered, even if you want to ask your questions on Sundays.

Best car insurance in India
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The second would be Bajaj Allianz

If you do not know what Bajaj and Allianz are, I have to ask what rock have you been living all these years. These two companies are basically two major companies that have already reached the whole world. With that kind of experience, you would have thought that their services would be the best, right?

Turns out you are right. Bajaj Allianz probably got the most expansive connection in India, and they do this by giving their clients a lot of places to take their claims. If you do not believe me, they got a staggering amount of more than 4000 garages under their radar, which kind of mean that you can claim your loss in those 4000 and more garages.

Still not enough? They also have a policy of returning 75 percent on your account payment if the garage they have chosen does not have a cashless payment method. This reassurance somewhat tells me that they are one of the best insurance giving company in India.

Royal Sundaram might be in the third place, but that does not mean they are bad

Because they have a sort of manager that will guide you through the whole insurance process. This means that if you are a newbie in the world of insurance, you do not have to worry because you just need to ask the manager to help you. If you want to, you can even let the manager do the whole thing. All you got to do is to pay the insurance and you will be gold. That is why I dare to put it into this list of best car insurance in India

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