Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

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Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers – Nowadays, you are able to buy VPS hosting service by using bitcoin. Not all providers accept this method and you should know the list of best bitcoin VPS hosting providers. Those providers are more flexible and ready to welcome the new payment system. This is the list of best bitcoin VPS hosting providers for bitcoin owners.


VULTR this provider develops rapidly and they are ready in 15 cities worldwide. It is not only spreading around the world, they also serve you with several products. Let say, there is a product which will be suitable for web application development.

This provider is trying to help to backup your storage faster and successfully. You are also able to buy the dedicated cloud you need most in affordable price. Because they accept bitcoin the process will be easier and it is unnecessary to share your detail.

2. QHoster

QHoster if you want to spend your bitcoin to the experienced VPS hosting provider, it means you can give it to QHoster. This hosting provider has enough experience because they started since 2004. No need to deal with complicated hosting and VPS setup because it has been served instantly for you.

The system works in several locations and it doesn’t reduce the performance at all. The most important thing is that they are accepting various payment methods including bitcoin. Everything will be handled by professional customer support.

Best Bitcoin VPS Hosting Providers

3. Namecheap

Namecheap people love to use their service because they have suitable packages. You can choose 4 different packages and all of them have been designed to meet various VPS hosting needs. Just like the name of the provider, those packages are cheap.

Moreover, it is also about the complete features and high performance network. Accepting various payment methods is also their strength so more and more people with bitcoin are using services offered by NameCheap.

4. RamNode

RamNode talking about best bitcoin VPS hosting providers, it can’t be separated from RamNode. As an up to date hosting provider, they are also ready to welcome the latest payment method, bitcoin. By spending bitcoin, you will get high performance VPS. High performance means that the VPS is more powerful and faster.

They also have great security system to keep your activity safe from any kind of problems. Now, they are ready to serve bitcoin owners in Seattle, New York City, Los Angeles, Atlanta, and Netherland. Their VPS hosting is for all clients whether they are beginner or advanced clients since the system is easy to use.

5. VPS Dime

VPS Dime One more VPS hosting provider which accept bitcoin is VPS Dime. There are at least three reasons why people tend to use this provider. They have faster VPS performance along with affordable price and also reliable. You may control your VPS while exploring the client area to check the statistic. The full SSD storage helps you to run applications or website faster and smoothly.

There is no reason not to buy VPS hosting service because there are reputable VPS hosting providers accept it. By using the services of one of best bitcoin VPS hosting providers here your online activity can be done smoothly.

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