5 Best Travel Insurance Companies for 2018

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5 Best Travel Insurance Companies for 2017/2018 – Nowadays, there are a lot of travelling options available for choosing. Due to the easy exchange of information technology and transportation, basically people in this era can go anywhere in the world if they have the necessary amount of expenses for travelling. However, in Travelling, we need to be reminded the importance of travel insurance as well.

The Importance of Travel Insurance

Why is Travel Insurance that important? Because travel insurance will cover any incidents or losses occurred during our travelling due to certain circumstances. It is said that the best travel insurances plan always provides protection to trip cancellation fee, emergency medical support, and definitely the protection towards the customer’s trip luggage. When the customer is covered in all these points when traveling, the safe traveling anxiety would surely be less stressful.

5 Best Travel Insurance Companies

5 Best Travel Insurance Companies for 2018
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This article will cover the highly possible the best 5 Travel Insurance Companies in the upcoming year of 2018. They are:

1. Travelex

Travelex has the strong points of being easily customize-able by the customer to purchase an upgrade for the insurance. It is a strongly recommended travel insurance company for customer who intends to have a business and leisure trips. The website of Travelex itself is also very user-friendly for the users. They also provide plan offers which are easily understandable for even the first user of a travel insurance. Those are the good points of which would make Travelex one of the candidates for the best travel insurance company in 2018.

2. Allianz

Allianz would definitely also be in one of the best travel insurance company in the upcoming year of 2018. The reason is that this company always manage to put every customers to their feel “special” for their services. The company has few special insurance plans which allow the customer to choose their own important necessary insurance coverage. Allianz is also a good choice for a family who are travelling with kids, as the company offers a plan which include free of charge services for the children.

3. World Nomads

One of the possible candidates as the best travel insurance company in 2018 is the World Nomads. The owner of the World Nomads is an ex-nomads person, therefore he had the experience what is the necessary insurance for a traveler or nomads need for traveling. Judging by the great customer feedback provided by the customers and also great customer services provided. World Nomads is the likely candidate for the best travel Insurances Companies in 2018.

4. John Hancock

John Hancock offers the best solution for the solo traveler. John Hancock may not provide any special treatment or discount towards kids or children, but John Hancock has superb customer services which is very friendly and attentive towards their customer. Many customer service in insurance agent companies are only reading the company policy whenever the question is being asked by the customer. But John Hancock customer is very professional and caring whenever the question is being asked by the customers. This is one of the main reasons that John Hancock will become one of the best travel insurance companies in 2018.

5. IMG

IMG is one of the unique insurance company provide special coverage for adventurer. IMG has special insurance plan which is designed for tropical and remote locations. The company also provide insurance not only for extreme activities but also for Search and Rescue as well.

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